About us

Who we are

Key Strategy Management Consultancy is an advisory firm providing strategy management, compliance and risk management services.

Key Strategy was founded in 2013 in Dubai with a view to providing our clients and business partners with top-quality services and solutions ensuring clients' success, business efficiency and effectiveness and constant reliance.

The Firm includes successful business strategy consulting & compliance expert who bring extensive experience and professional knowledge gained in the regional financial (banking and insurance) markets as well as conventional and renewable energy and construction markets such the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) , Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) & MENA region and overseas.
Being one of the leading advisory firms in Dubai, KS is offering a kaleidoscope of interrelated services: company and special purpose vehicle formation and management, restructuring and relocation, compliance, governance, and enterprise risk management consulting (an array encompasses regulatory, operational, financial, tax, legal and contractual, inheritance planning, cyber risk management).

Our vision, culture and climate

We are on a mission to make other people as passionate about strong organizational and compliance culture as we are. This means that all our people play a vital role in our corporate framework. Everyone acts as an interested party - business owner. Everyone performs a role at an exceptional level.

We have a positive high-performance organizational climate. At Key Strategy, we value our quality and reputation, staff skills, traits, contributions, solidarity, motivation, as well as our clients’ needs, goals, success, vision, trust and loyalty.

Our team

Our team encompasses business, legal, compliance professionals who posses over 20 years of experience, in-depth knowledge and expertize applicable in the UAE/GCC, MENA, the EU and Asia.

They underpin their practical experience with academic knowledge and professional industry specific qualifications.

Our multilingual team speaks more than 10 languages.