As licensed Registered Agent and corporate services provider, we are specialized in assisting our clients with UAE Offshore companies’ incorporation and management.

In detail, Offshore companies will offer the below advantages:
- 100% company ownership
- No corporate taxation
- No income taxes
- No foreign exchange restriction
- No restrictions on capital repatriation
- They are not on the OECD “blacklist” of tax havens (nor the FATF blacklist).
- There is no onshore office and accordingly, there are no employees and related costs
- Offshore Companies can own/lease real estate properties in certain areas within the UAE as well as anywhere outside the UAE.
- Offshore Companies may own yachts registered in the UAE

It has to be noticed that offshore companies are also submitted to some restrictions:
- Offshore companies are not allowed to conduct their activities in the UAE.
- Offshore companies cannot carry on a banking business or undertake the business of an insurance or reinsurance company, insurance agent or an insurance broker.