We are the leading compliance risk advisory firm offering synergy-driven services to fill in market gaps and synchronize the key business processes.
Our compliance and due diligence team encompases legal, compliance, tax, risk, fraud and cyber crime professionals who posses over 15 years of experience, in-depth knowledge and expertize applicable in the UAE/GCC, MENA, the EU and Asia.
They underpin their practical experience with academic knowledge and professional qualifications (CCEP, ACAMS, ICA, GARP, CIArb, ISO – 9001, IBA, CISA, Law Societies) and degrees in Law, Petroleum and Taxation, Finance, Business Management from prestigious universities

What we offer?

    * Compliance (KYC)
    * Legal and business due diligence
    * Fraud / financial crime investigation
    * Preparation of top-caliber policies and procedures, systems and controls
    * Periodic and ad-hoc compliance mentoring and training services
    * Compliance and AML framework audit/review plan/ ISO certification
    * Ongoing outsourcing compliance
    * Compliance crisis management (sustainability, optimization, mitigation of overlaps and gaps)
    * Client and partner due diligence (research)
    * Sanctions risks (UN, OFAC, EU, Domestic)
    * Analysis of clients’ opaque business structures
    * External trainings

Key goals:

    * Automated KYC due diligence tools (centralized database)
    * Automated GRC monitoring / control plan – platform
    * Compliance and Investigators’ society network
    * Online compliance database
    * ICA / ACAMS certifications
    * BS 10500 – Anti bribery management systems (UK)
    * ISO 19600: 2014 – compliance standard
    * ISO 37001 – anti bribery management systems certification